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The Fond du Lac County Kennel Club is proud to host two AKC sanctioned Agility Trial week-ends each year.  One in mid-July and the other mid-October.  Details for these events can be found on the "Events" page, and are up­dated periodically.  These trials are held outdoors, adjacent to our clubhouse.

This is a flat, grassy area, completely fenced in and large enough to offer two top level AKC agility courses simultane­ously with plenty of room to spare.

We have been able to hire some of the best judges in the country to officiate at our events, and that in turn, brings some of the top dogs to our trials that compete at even the world team level.



Agility run-throughs will start on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 from 6:00pm - 7:00pm, weather permitting, and will run throughout the summer.  Two ex­cellent level courses are set up and numbered, and are available for practice for any dog and handler team. 

See below for a printable "Run-Through" flyer.

If you have any questions or for "up-to-date" cancellations please contact Bev Martens at


Agility training classes are offered by the Fond du Lac County Kennel Club as needed and by availability of in­structors.  This may vary from year to year.  Our training classes, like our trials and run-throughs, are held in our clubhouse yard.

Class sessions are about 1 hour - usually for 6 weeks - $75.00
For more information please contact Bev Martens at

Intro-To-Agility Class is an introduction to the sport of agility.  Dogs will be taught how to SAFELY per­form obstacles found in an AKC agility course, and also some sequencing. Agility does require a good amount of control over your dog.  It is essential for this class that the dog knows obedience and that he understands that you are the trainer.  Formal compliance is not necessary for the dog, but comfort in crowds is a definite plus.  This foundation obedience training enables you and your dog, and fellow classmates, to spend the class time learning agility instead of learning basic obedience. 

Classes will be held from May through June on Tuesday's from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Beginner Agility Class is a continuation of skills learned above.  In this group we expand on obstacle fa­miliarity, sequencing and handling options.

Advanced Agility Class  when offered, centers on running courses, sequencing and handling as needed for the agil­ity trial competitor.  Occasionally, we are able to offer a guest instructor to increase our knowledge of agility in gen­eral, advanced level competition, and a particular style of handling.


(*From The AKC Resource Center

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